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Restaurant in Almada - Solar Beirão

The Solar Beirão is a restaurant in Almada, more specifically, located in Cacilhas. It was founded in 1968, by a natural of Beira - thereof, the origin of the name "Solar Beirão", starting with a small and cozy restaurant with only 48 places.
Own seafood nurseries.

In 1992 it was acquired by the current management, which subsequently, due to the high number of customers, felt the need to innovate, so in 2000 works were carried out, building a new restaurant from root, with capacity for 120 people, now gathering all the necessary conditions to be able to provide a quality service to its customers.
The service provided by the restaurant staff is professional, efficient and very cordial.
After a leisurely meal, you can try some of our fantastic desserts, made to surprise you. Come celebrate a special date in our restaurant, celebrate your birthday, a christening or an anniversary in our space.
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Rua Cândido Reis 17 2800-270 Cacilhas ALMADA Portugal


Tuesday to Sunday: 12:00h - 23:00h